2015 Last Chance for White Pants Gala

To be able to host the Last Chance for White Pants Gala was a tremendous honor. The proceeds benefited the Lower Cape Fear Hospice which is the only nonprofit hospice in the area. Ability to pay does not determine the services you receive. Congratulations to Catherine Beacham, winner of our Audi raffle! She wasn’t present during the drawing, but she’s going to get to take the A5 convertible home! We also had a raffle for a miniature Audi, and we raised $3,300, which is being generously matched by the awesome folks at GE! The winner of the mini raffle was Lori Butler. Please enjoy our photos of this unforgettable evening.

20150829_232938_jpgWhitePants20150002 WhitePants20150003 WhitePants20150004 WhitePants20150005 WhitePants20150006 WhitePants20150007 WhitePants2015000820150829_2315_jpg WhitePants20150009 WhitePants20150010 WhitePants20150011 WhitePants20150012 WhitePants20150013 WhitePants20150014 WhitePants20150015 WhitePants20150016 WhitePants20150017 WhitePants20150018 WhitePants20150019 WhitePants20150020 WhitePants20150021 WhitePants20150022 WhitePants20150023 WhitePants20150024 WhitePants20150025 WhitePants20150026 WhitePants20150027 WhitePants20150028 WhitePants20150029 WhitePants20150030 WhitePants20150031 WhitePants20150032 WhitePants20150033 WhitePants20150034 WhitePants20150035 WhitePants20150036 WhitePants20150037


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