2016 Symphony Pops!

Classical Mystery Tour: A Tribute to The Beatles
Sponsored by Brightmore of Wilmington and Carolina Bay
Co-sponsored by Audi Cape Fear
Saturday, March 19 | 7:30 p.m.
CFCC Humanities and Fine Arts Center

Classical Mystery Tour features Jim Owen (John Lennon) on rhythm guitar, piano, and vocals; Tony Kishman (Paul McCartney) on bass guitar, piano, and vocals; David John (George Harrison) on lead guitar and vocals; and Chris Camilleri (Ringo Starr) on drums and vocals. Martin Herman, who transcribed the musical scores note for note from Beatles recordings, conducts many of the Classical Mystery Tour concerts.-classicalmysterytour.com

Executive Director Reed Wallace says of the concert, “What is so incredible about Classical Mystery Tour performing with our Wilmington Symphony is that our audience can hear generic viagra usa the original note-for-note orchestra arrangements accompanying these four remarkable sound-a-likes, and all meticulously balanced through a state-of-the-art digital sound mixing console.”


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