Audi & The Avengers !

It was an EXCITING night for the official Audi Pre-Screening of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Folks were sporting their latest Avengers gear. Kids had costumes on. Everyone was gathering around our Audi table to get their reserved tickets. There were “woots” and claps in the theater during the moments the Audis were shown on the big screen. Tony Stark has good taste !

ACFAvengers0001 ACFAvengers0002 ACFAvengers0003 ACFAvengers0004 ACFAvengers0005 ACFAvengers0006 ACFAvengers0007 ACFAvengers0008 ACFAvengers0009 ACFAvengers0010 ACFAvengers0011 ACFAvengers0012 ACFAvengers0013 ACFAvengers0014 ACFAvengers0015 ACFAvengers0016 ACFAvengers0017


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