Casino Night

The Medical Society has hosted a casino-themed holiday party to raise money and awareness for she ROCKS, a charity for the treatment and research to prevent ovarian cancer. We were happy to have supported such a great association!img_0533 img_0535 img_0536 img_0537 img_0538 img_0539 img_0540 img_0541 img_0542 img_0543 img_0544 img_0545 img_0546 img_0547 img_0548 img_0549 img_0550 img_0552 img_0553 img_0554 img_0555 img_0556 img_0557 img_0558 img_0560 img_0561 img_0562 img_0563 img_0564 img_0565 img_0566 img_0567 img_0568 img_0569 img_0570 img_0572 img_0573 img_0574 img_0575 img_0577

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