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When we heard that Sterling Elliot, the 20-something cello-playing wonder, was coming to town back in September, we knew two things: one, we had to be at that concert; and two, we wanted to make sure lots of local children had the opportunity to be there as well.  


So, when The Wilmington Symphony reached out to invite us, we proposed the idea of partnering with local schools to ensure that kids in our community had the opportunity to attend. Lesa Broadhead, Interim Executive Director at the time, was was all over it. And, that’s where the magic began.  


Snipes Academy for Arts & Design immediately welcomed the idea and was gracious enough to invite us to a private concert with Elliott in Snipes’ auditorium so that we could surprise students with tickets to see Elliot play with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra at the Wilson Center on September 21st. 


Sterling Elliot was magnificent and gracious with his time. And, when the children heard the news that they were all invited to the concert, VIP-style, their response was electric.  


The enthusiasm and elation that these kids expressed throughout Elliot’s performance and during the Q&A was contagious. And, the heart and passion that translated through Elliot’s cello was intoxicating. 

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Lesa Broadhead with the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra, for helping to make this happen, and to the maestro of music teachers, Ms. Christa Faison, for nurturing a love and appreciation for music in her students in an unprecedented way. We’d also like to thank the Wilson Center, for reserving a section for us, and for all of the families who supported their children’s desire to attend the concert with us. We feel so lucky to have been a part of it all. 



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